Diplomacy - Part III of the Beer Pong Saga

When all is said and done, there is nothing sweeter than a come-from-behind win…hitting that last cup with everything on the line. The half stunned, half totally-expecting-it look on your opponents’ faces as they process their overwhelming failure. The jubilation from the crowd. The win streak. The pop of new beers once again. Rack ‘em up.

Beer Pong and China are meant for each other; I truly envy the entrepreneurs who will have the pleasure of introducing it to the mainstream. Beer Pong is a medium of communication for which there is no risk of cross-cultural misunderstanding. We all share a common currency, though it’s flavor, color, and alcohol content may differ. Just remember to shake hands, win or lose.

But enough of that. Smile as you taunt your opponent. Never let him forget how close he stands to the table. Remind him of how thirsty you have become in the eternity since he last hit a cup. Suggest he finish his drinks before they get so warm that they become unpleasant. Hit cups that he leaves sitting around like wounded soldiers. Just be prepared to fail if you lose focus.

And when you do…as will inevitably happen one night, put your name back on the list if there is one. Just don’t touch the table, spectator. Hope you didn’t pay too much for those seats.


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