beerpongasia pingpongWatch all the action leading up to the final battle for Beerpong glory – Rocky Balboa eat your heart out. Epic by nature awesome by design. Enjoy :)

-Video by Thomas Shomaker

Johnny B Homeless

Bouncing around from couch to couch can be tough work. That’s why it’s a good idea to relax with a game a beer pong a few times a night. We asked Johnny B. Homeless, star of’s newest series Johnny B. Homeless, to help you out, dropping knowledge on how to drop any type of beer pong competition. To follow all of Johnny’s wacky adventures, got to

The Venue: Ironic Drinking Games Party in Echo Park

Hipster parties are the best. They’re just like normal parties except everyone drinks twice as much because they are sad and awkward.

The only problem is couch space can be hard to find at the end of the night. Some of these hipsters take the homeless thing to a whole new level. I was at a party last weekend in Eagle Rock and some guy was there with a shopping cart!

The Opponents: Surprisingly Hot Hipster Girls
Hipster girls love me. They say they like the way I dress. Which is crazy ’cause I almost never change.

The Strategy: Get The Glasses
I alway say one of the keys to beer pong is you gotta be able to see. Hipster girls almost always wear glasses, so you just ask to borrow their glasses and — BOOM! — you’ve eliminated one of their most important skills: seeing.

The Outcome: Who Cares
There’s nothing drunk hipsters girls love more than taco trucks. And I’m guessing these ladies must have been high because they suggested we hit up the taco truck midway through the game! Plus they smelled a lot like kind bud.

One of them even let me crash on her couch and didn’t wake me up the next day until like 3pm in the afternoon. It’s like she had no job or something. Good times.

The Final Word: Hipsters are just like me, except they don’t pay their own rent and I have no idea how.

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