Beer Pong at Luna Bar in Shekou Shenzhen this December 11th - A BPA Joint!

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Title: December 11th Tournament – Luna Bar – Shekou
Location: Luna Bar
Description: Come Join BPA for another epic beer pong tournament. Try our our new tables! 1000RMB in prizes and giveaways! Cash prize for winning team! Drink Specials all Night! Sexy Dancers and a DJ all night! 100RMB ahead of time or 150 at the door for the tournament!! General admission (including a free drink) for 40RMB [for all you supporters!!]
Start Time: 21:30
Date: 2010-12-11
End Time: 23:30

Location Details

Luna Bar – Fu Zhon Hotel – Kang Le Street – Nanshan – Shekou – Shenzhen

南山 – 蛇口 – 康乐路1号,金銮富众酒店,1楼

Luna Bar Location

Event Ticket Pick-up Times/Location

You can meet up with us at these times and locations to sign up for this event and collect your tickets or finalize an online registration! You may call the listed team member to let him know you will be coming to pick up your ticket, click on their name to see their contact information. Additionally you may purchase your tickets from Luna Bar directly!

  • Wednesday, December 1st – 7:30-9:00pm – Coco Park Starbucks
    BPA Team Member: David Ho
  • Wednesday, December 8th – 7:30-9:00pm – Coco Park Starbucks
    BPA Team Member: David Ho
  • Friday, December 10th – 7:30-9:00pm – Coco Park Starbucks
    BPA Team Member: David Ho

Beer Pong Tournament at NYPD in Central Walk on October 28th starting at 9:30pm

Title: Double Event – Halloween NYPD Beer and Pizza followed by a beer pong tournament
Location: NYPD – Central Walk
Description: Come Join us for our biggest Beer Pong tournament yet after the NYPD beer and pizza Halloween themed event this October 28th!!
Start Time: 19:30
Date: 2010-10-28
End Time: 23:30

Diplomacy - Part III of the Beer Pong Saga

When all is said and done, there is nothing sweeter than a come-from-behind win…hitting that last cup with everything on the line. The half stunned, half totally-expecting-it look on your opponents’ faces as they process their overwhelming failure. The jubilation from the crowd. The win streak. The pop of new beers once again. Rack ‘em up.

Beer Pong and China are meant for each other; I truly envy the entrepreneurs who will have the pleasure of introducing it to the mainstream. Beer Pong is a medium of communication for which there is no risk of cross-cultural misunderstanding. We all share a common currency, though it’s flavor, color, and alcohol content may differ. Just remember to shake hands, win or lose.

But enough of that. Smile as you taunt your opponent. Never let him forget how close he stands to the table. Remind him of how thirsty you have become in the eternity since he last hit a cup. Suggest he finish his drinks before they get so warm that they become unpleasant. Hit cups that he leaves sitting around like wounded soldiers. Just be prepared to fail if you lose focus.

And when you do…as will inevitably happen one night, put your name back on the list if there is one. Just don’t touch the table, spectator. Hope you didn’t pay too much for those seats.


Only Bitches blow when playing beerpong

Beer Pong rules vary from region to region, and house to house. House or Group Rules need to be established, and generally obedience to the rules of the host is second nature. But of all the rules of Beer Pong, there is one widely-observed practice that generates complaint and controversy. And that is the “Only Bitches Blow” rule.

Sometimes in a game of Beer Pong, a shot will enter one of the defendants’ cups, but instead of landing in the beer with a satisfying splash sound, it will arc around the interior before it settles, or tosses itself out of the cup. In these situations, the “Only Bitches Blow” rule permits a female player from the defending team to blow into the cup, hopefully propelling the ball out. As the name implies, a male player on the defending team is strictly forbidden from doing this. It is this rule that can be the cause of arguments and accusations.

The tongue-in-cheek sexual nature of the comment obviously can be seen as offensive, but, as expected, defenders of this practice usually brush off the offense as overreacting to a harmless joke. But not everyone is laughing. Many men, too, frown on the rule. After all, there is nothing in the Beer Pong skill-set that is skewed towards men being better at the game. Nobody (hopefully) is getting tackled; brute force will not lead to victory. The only disadvantage many girls may have is not being able to keep up with the alcohol consumption that many games require. Men tend to be larger than women, and science confirms that in most cases, can tolerate more alcohol more quickly. Most houses that I have played in, including my own, allow men teammates to down the beers that usually would go to their female better halves if asked. At least the beer is still being drunk.

The World Series of Beer Pong, coming next Jan 1-5th, 2001 in Las Vegas does not permit “Bitches” or anyone, to blow. Beer Pong Asia also has not established that rule. Completely outside of the (sexist?) controversy is the potentially negative effect this rule has on the game. Blowing a floating pong ball out of a 16 once cup is not particularly difficult, especially if it is resting on a generous portion. If the offense, across the table, can’t clearly see what the ball is doing inside the cup who is to say that is didn’t already land just before it was blown away? Merely taking the Defending Team’s word won’t cut it in all situations, let alone the Word Series. Anyone out there have your own story about this rule? A strong opinion? Let’s hear it!

Cash back from Beer Pong Party Damaged Apartment

In the summer of 2006, after we all had recently moved out of the apartment, we received a letter from the management company in charge of the property. The last two years of college had been somewhat epic. Shit…I thought. What’s the damage? Couldn’t be pretty…how much do two garbage disposals, one window, new locks, new carpeting, and an abundance of drywall repairs cost?

Apparently nothing. Whole security deposit back in one piece.


To our credit…we’d done our best to clean the place up after moving out. But there are certain things that just can’t be undone.

It felt like free money.

Our apartment’s common area had been more like an arena than a living room over the past 2 years. A coliseum, perhaps, with the tenants playing the role of gladiators…defending home turf at the cost of sleepless nights, many a missed class, personal health, relationships…the list goes on. The carpet was a decidedly different tint than when we had initially arrived, having absorbed the volume of countless beers spilled in the name of glory. A visible outline from where our table had sat proved impossible to cover up; concrete evidence of the combat that had occurred week after week after week. Our amateur craftsmanship could likewise do little to conceal various impact marks on the walls from where flying bodies had attempted to defy physics in the name of the prize.

Beer pong. No rest for the wicked. A lost security deposit was to be a pittance in the face of how much of ourselves we had sacrificed for two straight years.

Instead we were rewarded. Our 700-day zero sum game had concluded unquestionably in our favor.


The payoff was a long time coming.

Beer Pong Asia Constitution

During the first week of having our first college apartment, we roommates had agreed on a Beer Pong Constitution for our home; a mechanism to establish clear, unbreakable rules for all players to follow. Good grief…it was beautiful. We printed it poster size, laminated it, and mounted it over the table for all newcomers to see. It was comprehensive, covering every aspect of game setup, play, and conclusion. Never again, at least in our abode, would anyone have to waste time establishing rules before a match.

Our euphoria was short-lived. The number of times we had to explain the house rules over 2 years: 1,532.

It still looked good, though, and served the purpose of cementing our place as a bona fide Beer Pong realm.

It didn’t take long for our first “fun run” to occur. The importance of this is understated. If people don’t take your place seriously, there’s no way in hell that they’ll be willing to strip and undertake a “lap of shame” or “fun run” after being shutout in a match. (This being a naked run around the apartment complex’s pool.)

Destiny smiled upon us. An all-female team was shutout partway through an early party at our place, and very honorably served their sentence. Our creed had been established and the word was out. More would follow.

It would be less than a year before I was fun-runned at my own table. I served my penance with a smile on my face. My partner, however, slipped while turning a corner during our lap and somehow lost all of his belongings in the bushes. Serves him right for not hitting a single goddamn cup!

It is critical that a uniform style of play and set of rules is adapted and followed for any domicile that wants to host serious Beer Pong gaming. Games can involve 6 cups or 10, can allow multiple re-racks or none, can permit bouncing or not. There are countless variables to consider. For instance, balls hitting the same cup in one turn resulted in an automatic win for us, but usually don’t at most other tables. Get it straight ahead of time. Because at our place, you’d better have finished your beer once we hit it. It was a live target as long as it remained unfinished. Be as outraged as you want. Claim that those aren’t the rules you play by. Read the Constitution, champ.

The bouncing technique is both skillful and cheap…we banned that shit. Keep trying it though.

Play full contact a.k.a. “live ball” pong in small doses. Polyester rug burns are for life.

Once that ball is in the cup, moving or not, you’d better be lacking in a Y-chromosome before you even consider meddling with it. Call it fingering, or blowing, or whatever other sexual connotation you want to use. Fuck off. Being thrown off the table is the least of your worries otherwise. Try to look yourself in the mirror afterwards. The Constitution is laminated on the wall, buddy, and only bitches blow. Now kindly go fuck yourself with a tree branch.

The rules were not meant to be broken here.

Beer Pong Asia Proudly Sponsors the Retro Singles Party in Luna Bar - Shekou, Shenzhen

Title: Retro Singles Party featuring Beer Pong
Location: Luna Bar – Shekou – Shenzhen
Description: The curtains have unveiled the Retro Party of the Decade in ShenZhen. We are bringing to you what we missed most about the 70′s and the 80′s. Its the year 2010 and we want you to commit to memory this raving event! A Retro Singles Party you would sorely miss if you hadn’t come. Spinning electronic retro tracks by our very own Clandestine DJ. Beer Kegs, Dance Pits, Beer Pong…
Door Gifts and Champagne for the Grooviest Chic & Grooviest Stud.. Grooving through this night with all you single people hollering retro jingles should be a sight!
Start Time: 21:00
Date: 2010-09-08

China's Beer Culture has Arrived

When most people think of beer’s origins, they think of Germany, or at least of Europe. It is in Europe that beer became a large part of the culture at an early date, and first was produced industrially. However, the basic ingredients of beer: sugar-containing cereals, and yeast (a micro-oganism classified as a Fungi) have been controlled by cultures all over the world since ancient times, and the historical record indicates that beer (or beer-like alcoholic substances) were independently produced in various regions at different times.

Around 3000 B.C. the ancient Chinese were producing a beer-like beverage called kui. And recent archaeological findings have indicated that villages in the area we now know as China, using ingredients such as rice, honey and fruits, were producing fermented beverages even earlier – up to 9000 years ago. Since these ancient times, there has always been some kind of beer-like drink being produced in China, but until recently it was not a beverage consumed, or even known, to the majority of Chinese. Russia set up the fist modern brewery in the city of Harbin in the late 19th century, soon followed by three other breweries, also in Harbin, all produced by European States, mostly for their own ex-patriots and soldiers.

As late as 1980, Australia’s beer consumption exceeded China’s. But in the span of a few decades, the picture has changed enormously. Today, China is the world’s largest beer market, recently having surpassed the United States. Largely thanks to massive foreign investment beginning in the 1980s and accelerating through the 90s, China brews many domestic beers and serves as an important center of operations for several international brands. Tsingtao Beer, produced in the city of Qingdao (the spelling discrepancy having to do with the old system of English spelling for Chinese) has been the best selling beer in China for over a decade, claiming around 15% domestic market share. And, it is arguable the only beer produced in China that is widely recognized abroad. As early as 1982, in the science fiction film Blade Runner, Harrison Ford’s character buys a bottle of Tsingtao (although he then proceeds to drink it shot-style, like it is like a liquor). In 2008, Tsingtao won a sponsorship for the 2008 Olympics, held in Beijing. China has emerged in the modern world, and the modern mentality, as a beer-appreciating culture.

Marina Beach Party

Title: Beerpong at the Marina Club
Location: Marina Club in Da Mei Sha

SZ Marina Club is a luxury, private yacht club, accessible by members only. But on 11th, Sep they have opened their doors and partnered with FRONTLINE Events to host what promises to be the best beach party SZ has ever seen! With its own private beach right next door to the Da Mei Sha Sheraton, blocked off from the general public, the club has two big open bars just off the sand and a HUGE deck with plenty of comfortable outdoor tables and chairs, umbrellas and palm trees. There are lots of padded sunbathing beds if you want to lie down during the party.

SZ’s most dynamic foreign hip-hop dj, Black Dynamite and other talented electronic djs will tame a huge sound system carrying heavy bass throughout the venue from 2pm till sunrise. Lights, lasers and strobes will be beaming on the dance floor.

For the sports enthusiasts, free beach volley ball court and volley balls for use, touch/full-contact rugby, and Frisbee events will be held during the day. Kayak rental will also be available

Only ¥70 in advance gets you entry and 4 free drinks! ¥100 for a ticket at the door plus 4 free drinks! Free rounds of Tequila shots will be offered throughout the party. Affordable western food, cheap Chinese barbeque and tasty snacks will be offered.

And of course we’ll be sure to have a minute of silence in respect and memory of all those that suffered on this day.

The SZ Marina Club is only 25 minutes away from Luo Hu, ¥70 in a taxi. Or you can take the following bus routes to Da Mei Sha: J1 from Shekou, No.1 from Futian and Luo Hu, 387 from Luo Hu Railway Station.

Pre-ordered tickets can be purchased and picked up at the following office address. Opening hours from 9am – 5pm For tickets after office hours call David: 156 0299 2243

0616,Buiding C, Huangdu Tower 3008 Yitian Rd,
Futian District, Shenzhen 518000,China.

广东省 深圳市福田区益田路3008号皇都广场C座616

beerpongasia presents Rumble in Coco Park
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Title: Rumble in Coco Park
Location: Nepalese Restaurant – Coco Park – Futian (138 Min Tian Lu, Futian, Shenzhen [Next to McCawley's in Coco Park])

  • 100 RMB all you can drink beer and tournament entry!
  • 50 RMB for “spectators” one free cocktail and happy hour pricing all night!
  • 9pm – ???
  • 400 RMB Prize for winners
  • Door Prizes
  • DJ All Night

Fellow friends, drinking enthusiasts, bar game lovers, athletes, and weekend warriors of Shenzhen!

BeerPongAsia cordially invites you this Friday, October 10th, to an evening of merriment and fierce competition that will be set at the fantastic Nepal Restaurant (provide actual name) in Coco Park.

For some it invokes fond memories of college days gone by, for others it is a new and enticing challenge, and yet some are just drawn to the chance of meeting new people and celebrating with old friends.

What could possibly attract so people with different interests? Beer Pong of course. A staple sport of American colleges and now a worldly bar game. Beer pong is easy to learn, fun to play, and a challenge to master. Join us this evening and enjoy great company, amazing drink deals, and one of the most unique evening activities in Shenzhen.

Register your teams online on the BPA contact page!

100rmb/person for a spot in the tournament and all you can drink draft beer

50rmb for spectator entrance which includes a free drink and 2-for-1 drink specials all night

Start Date: 2010-09-10
Start Time: 21:00
End Date: 2010-09-11
End Time: 2:00

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