Our Mission

BPA strives to provide the Chinese market with an unparalleled bar drinking experience through innovative competitions in a friendly and social setting.

The Making Of

Devin Shomaker was working in China at the time of his 26th birthday. When asked before the big day what he wanted to do, he decided it would be fun to host a Beer Pong tournament. Brushing off the criticisms of cynics who felt that it would be too complicated to explain the game rules to a large crowd in China – many of whom were not familiar with the game – Devin stuck to his guns and insisted on going forward with his plan. A few minor hiccups aside, the first Beer Pong tournament, hosted by Devin Shomaker, David Shomaker, and their friend David Ho, was a major success, combining seasoned veterans with newcomers to the game.

Shortly after, David and Devin’s brother Thomas arrived in China, and, once again with David Ho, hosted another beer pong tournament. Ilya and Adin, both friends of David Ho’s and the Shomaker brothers, were in attendance. Seeing the success of the event, they recognized the game’s potential to rapidly spread across the young adult population of China and Greater Asia, in much the same way as it did in North America since its origins at Dartmouth College in the late 1950s. A couple weeks later, Ilya and Adin approached the Shomaker brothers and David Ho with a initial plan to take Beer Pong in Shenzhen to the next level. A partnership was formed, and Beer Pong Asia was born!

Our goal is simple – to promote social interaction and friendly competition through the fun activity of Beer Pong! Beer Pong allows people to make friends out of opponents. It encourages participants to work together on a team, and to release their stress in a healthy way. It allows people to become invested and excited in the moment, breaking down the barriers of shyness and timidity. All of us at Beer Pong Asia have had some fantastic times playing this fun game, and we hope to share this enjoyment with Shenzhen, China, and the entire Eastern World!

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