Cash back from Beer Pong Party Damaged Apartment

In the summer of 2006, after we all had recently moved out of the apartment, we received a letter from the management company in charge of the property. The last two years of college had been somewhat epic. Shit…I thought. What’s the damage? Couldn’t be pretty…how much do two garbage disposals, one window, new locks, new carpeting, and an abundance of drywall repairs cost?

Apparently nothing. Whole security deposit back in one piece.


To our credit…we’d done our best to clean the place up after moving out. But there are certain things that just can’t be undone.

It felt like free money.

Our apartment’s common area had been more like an arena than a living room over the past 2 years. A coliseum, perhaps, with the tenants playing the role of gladiators…defending home turf at the cost of sleepless nights, many a missed class, personal health, relationships…the list goes on. The carpet was a decidedly different tint than when we had initially arrived, having absorbed the volume of countless beers spilled in the name of glory. A visible outline from where our table had sat proved impossible to cover up; concrete evidence of the combat that had occurred week after week after week. Our amateur craftsmanship could likewise do little to conceal various impact marks on the walls from where flying bodies had attempted to defy physics in the name of the prize.

Beer pong. No rest for the wicked. A lost security deposit was to be a pittance in the face of how much of ourselves we had sacrificed for two straight years.

Instead we were rewarded. Our 700-day zero sum game had concluded unquestionably in our favor.


The payoff was a long time coming.

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